Vaginal wetness ... and the influencing psychological and organic factors

 Vaginal wetness ... and the influencing psychological and organic factors

Sometimes it happens that the vaginal fluid becomes irritating and insufficient, non-existent or excessive. The lack of it in the first place or the insufficient amount of fluid is due to organic or psychological problems, related to the wife or the circumstances and context of the intimate relationship.

1- Organic problems are caused by:

Decreased estrogen secretion due to ovarian failure, prolactin adenoma, hormonal disorders during menopause, immediately after childbirth, during breastfeeding, or due to taking some types of birth control pills.

Some diseases such as various neurological disorders, or diabetes that affects the nerves or blood vessels.

Some treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, some medications...).

Urinary or genital infections.

Inadequate personal hygiene.

Some sexually transmitted diseases.

Overproduction of fluid is another problem. It is an extremely abundant flow of fluid, and women who suffer from it are described as "the fountain woman". The discomfort is due to the need to resort to protective measures, because the flowing fluid may be very large.

 Some men are repulsed by this reaction, while others are flattered. Some women feel embarrassed, upset and somewhat ashamed, while others feel proud. There is absolutely no pathology in this situation, which is only a more powerful physiological reaction than usual, requiring only a little care.


2- Psychological problems caused by:

Disorders of desire and sexual inhibitions such as mood during intimate relationship and personal experience of both spouses, fear of exposure to pain or of leaving a bad impression on the

 husband, misconceptions about sex and ways to arouse desire, failure of sexual life or lack of pleasure from marital intimacy, times or Improper postures and insufficient exercise.

Daily worries, whether at work or family, as well as accidents and risks of pregnancy, tension in the relationship between spouses, drug use...


It must be remembered that wetness is not always synonymous with desire. It is important to know that a woman may feel sexual arousal without experiencing this physiological reaction.


Strengthening the perineum with exercises improves vaginal wetness

The secretions produced by the Bartholin glands, cervical mucus, and the "sweating" of the blood vessels that surround the vagina are the sexual fluids that are produced when a woman feels aroused, as mentioned earlier. If the wetness is not enough, the mucous membranes become dry and penetration is painful.

Perineal strengthening exercises improve the functioning of the vaginal secretion system. The fluids of women who do these exercises become thicker and more elastic, and thus have a greater ability to produce wetness.

Wetness or more abundant fluids and perineal contractions during intercourse give the woman and her husband a strong sensuality.

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