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Types of obesity ... which type do you belong to find the right solution!

 Types of obesity ... which type do you belong to find the right solution!

When you suffer from excess weight, you often resort to random application of diets. But you have to know that there are 6 types of obesity and 6 different ways to get rid of each of them. Find out which of these types you belong to.

1 Obesity caused by eating large amounts of food

It is the common type, and the gain of excess weight in this case results from consuming large amounts of sugar and harmful fats.

The solution: To get rid of them, adopt a sugar-free diet and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

2 Obesity resulting from the so-called “tensioned stomach”

This type of obesity results from a constant feeling of stress. It usually prompts sufferers to eat foods rich in sugar.

The solution: In this case, you must control your stress through physical activity.

3 Obesity caused by gluten consumption

This type usually spreads among women, especially when they approach the age of menopause. Thus, they frequently lose and gain weight.

Solution: If you suffer from this type, be sure not to sit for a long time and exercise while carrying weights.

4 Obesity related to metabolism

In this case, fat accumulates in the abdominal area, especially in people who suffer from psychological problems or respiratory disorders.

Solution: It is important in this case to adopt a healthy diet and consult a specialist to restore psychological stability.

5 Obesity caused by problems with the level of blood flow through the veins

This is due to genetic reasons. Symptoms of this obesity usually begin to appear in pregnant women and people who suffer from bulging calf.

Solution: This obesity can be eliminated by eating healthy foods that are free of salt and fat.

6 Obesity caused by immobility

It affects parts of the body that were active and then stopped moving.

Solution: It is wrong to refrain from eating in this case because the body defends itself and accumulates more fat. Therefore, it is important to eat 3 regular meals and resort to foods that stimulate metabolism and burn fat, such as fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber.


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