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Turn house chores into fun fat burning workouts

 Turn house chores into fun fat burning workouts

Housework has benefits similar to the benefits of exercise in burning fat. It is a piece of information that makes many people divide their opinion between supporters and opponents, but today we will present to you, in a video, a nice way to ensure that you burn fat while completing housework.

Housework exercises to burn fat

Have the concerns of life taken you away from exercising on a daily basis? If you find time for her during your day, specifically while doing household chores, as Rola does in a video on the “Al Jamila” website.

You can rely on the broom stick or the floor mop to perform various squatting exercises that target the strengthening of the muscles of the lower parts of the body, such as the stomach, buttocks, thighs, legs.

You can also wipe the floor using the feet, provided that the cloth designated for cleaning the floor is placed under the foot and moved to the front and side several times with the back taut, then move to the other foot.

Folding clothes after washing may become more enjoyable with squatting exercises and leg strengthening exercises, and push-ups are also not bad.

We now move to the stage of ironing the clothes, and here you can perform leg and thigh strengthening exercises while raising the legs aside several times, and then perform the squatting exercise, but beware at this stage of getting distracted and burning clothes!

Stretching exercises using kitchen utensils

You can also take advantage of kitchen tools to perform exercises aimed at tightening the body, such as using the rolling pin to straighten the hands while performing the squat exercise, or using

 potatoes as a weight while performing exercises to stretch the lower body, and you can also replace weights with cans to perform the “side flap” exercise. Heavy, and here Rola stands straight after

 carrying two cans, gradually raising the arms upwards, while remaining on the sides of the body, until they are along the shoulder line. Hold this position for a few seconds, tensing the shoulder muscles. Gradually return the arms to the initial position.


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