Treating constipation with easy Kegel exercises

 Treating constipation with easy Kegel exercises

Many people suffer from constipation but often do not talk about it. They don't know that they can get rid of this problem by doing easy Kegel exercises that have a lot of benefits for their gut and digestion.

Kegel exercises to treat constipation

 These exercises bear the name of its creator, Arnold Kegel. It helps to exercise the muscles of the lower pelvic area and to rejuvenate the area around the vagina. But it can also be resorted to in order to get rid of constipation, knowing that this problem may damage those muscles.

But some people can't do these exercises because they can't decide which muscles to work out. If you are one of these, we inform you that those muscles are the same that prevent urine flowing before you enter the toilet. Once you have identified it, start doing the following Kegel exercise:

Sit on the edge of a chair with your hands on your knees.

Inhale deeply and then exhale while tensing your pelvic muscles and lifting them up toward your abdomen.

Maintain this position as you exhale air from your lungs, then inhale again, and repeat the movement 10 to 20 times in each exercise.

You can do this exercise several times during the day to get the best results. After a few days or a few weeks, you will notice that you have started to get rid of the problem of constipation.

 You can also do another exercise Kegel to achieve the same goal. To this end, tighten your pelvic muscles for one second and then relax for one second as well.

Then tighten the pelvic muscles for two seconds and relax for the same period. Repeat this exercise, gradually increasing the duration of tension and relaxation, until you reach 10 seconds for each position.

Make sure that Kegel exercises in different ways help you treat the problem of constipation in a short time and easily. But don't forget to relax, drink water, and eat foods rich in fiber.


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