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Top 10 foods that contribute to weight loss

Top 10 foods that contribute to weight loss

The 10 Best Weight Loss Foods Recommended by fitness coach Rachel Sacherdotti and founder of It's SO Simple, a 12-week fitness program that revitalizes mind and body.

Providing a range of exercise and meal plans, the program focuses on calorie control and protein intake with tools and techniques that encourage enthusiasm and perseverance.

We will inform you, dear, on the top 10 nutritional foods that contribute to weight loss, including groups of various foods, and

 healthy options that help curb appetite, reduce high sugar levels, and maintain the body's balance in a healthy and safe way.

Top 10 foods that contribute to weight loss

Rachel has created a customized diet program at It's SO Simple, that includes groups of diverse foods that contribute to weight loss, and recommends eating whole grain carbs instead of refined or

 white, and sticking to a minimum 70g daily protein intake for women of average weight "the equivalent of One chicken breast and yogurt 200 ml.

In addition, eating fruits with a low glycemic index such as “berries, green apples, kiwi, grapefruit” to maintain blood sugar level, and

 eating low-calorie sweets within the daily rate, taking into account drinking at least 2 liters of water per day And increase the amount when exercising.

As for the top 10 nutritional foods recommended by fitness trainer Rachel Sacherdotti, they are

Organic, wheat-free pasta made from "soybeans, black beans, chickpeas, red lentils", to curb appetite and lose weight in a healthy way.

Gluten-free baked goods, such as "pita bread", as it enables you, dear to eat delicious carbohydrates, to exceed the appropriate calorie rate for weight loss.

2PB Nut Butter, which is delicious and rich in healthy fats for weight loss.

Low-protein cheese, a low-calorie version of cheddar cheese to lose weight without the struggle.

Soups and frozen meals, which contain a good amount of protein for healthy weight loss.

PAM Olive Oil Spray, the low calorie and healthy alternative to cooking while losing weight.

Cauliflower rice is low in carbohydrates and calories, and is an excellent alternative to regular rice during weight loss.

Konjac Noodles, Rice and Noodles are an excellent alternative to regular pasta or rice, and can be mixed with your favorite sauce, for a quick and low-calorie meal in minutes while slimming.

Ice cream made from natural and organic ingredients is useful and effective during proper weight loss.

Greek yogurt is better compared to all other types of regular yogurt, as it contains much fewer calories and a higher level of protein for healthy weight loss. 


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