To enlarge the eyes … methods and exercises

To enlarge the eyes … methods and exercises

Who does not know the benefits of following methods and exercises to sculpt the face in a natural way?

All you have to do is follow the simple facial exercises, which are recommended by beauty experts, which do not take up much of your time in the day, but you will see a noticeable improvement after that.

In order to widen the eyes and lift the eyelids, experts advise you to:

widening eyes

Its benefit: Soothes the upper and lower eyelids, and reduces puffiness under the eyes, making the eyes appear larger, more youthful and alert.

Method: Put your index fingers together between your eyebrows, then gently wrap your thumbs around the outer corners of your eyes, as if you were wearing sunglasses on your eyes. Close your eyes, and

 at the same time pull your index finger up a little between the eyebrows, while pulling your thumb out towards the top of the ears

 while doing this. Keeping your eyes tightly closed, keep pressing up and out with your fingers, so that the muscles around your eyes work out due to the pressure from the fingers, and hold for 40 seconds.

 Lower eyelid lift

Its benefit: Strengthens the eye muscles to reduce dark circles, and reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Method: You can do this exercise while sitting or lying down. Place the two index fingers at the outer corners of the eye, that is, in the area where you feel the lower eyelashes. Now take a quick, powerful

 look up with your lower eyelids. You should feel the pulsation of the outer eye muscles. Look up toward the ceiling, push and fall forward with your shoulders back to create resistance. You can push your feet

 toward the floor to increase resistance. Hold this position for 40 seconds. Do this exercise twice daily. But if you suffer from excessive puffiness under the eyes, repeat the exercise three times. 

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