Tips to strengthen the immune system of children

Tips to strengthen the immune system of children

From the first moment of birth, most mothers begin to look for ways to enhance the immunity of their children against the diseases and microbes surrounding them. And because this requires a specific

 regimen and careful care, these are some important guidelines that doctors advise to follow to properly strengthen the immune system of children:

- Eat fruits and vegetables

Not only because it is one of the necessary food sources for building the body, but also for its important role in strengthening children's immunity, preventing anemia, and even protecting the body from heart disease, sugar and pressure.

Among the vegetables and fruits that should be included in the child's diet are broccoli, kiwi, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, almonds, garlic, cabbage, strawberries, cantaloupe and oranges, in addition to other foods, such as honey and fish.

- Doing exercise

To activate the so-called "killer cells" within the immune system that fight pathogens, according to the German magazine Brigitte.

It is recommended to accustom the child to doing simple exercises for 30 minutes a day, such as walking, riding a bicycle, to strengthen his immune system.

- exposure to sunlight

As a natural source that provides the body with many benefits, the most important of which is strengthening the body’s immunity and stimulating it to produce vitamin D, so it is recommended to keep

 exposing the child to sunlight in the period between sunrise until ten o’clock in the morning to protect him from various diseases by strengthening the immunity in his body.

Stay away from sources of smoking

First, to prevent cancerous diseases, and secondly to prevent weakening of his immune system. 


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