Tips to slim the butt significantly.. for the spring bride

 Tips to slim the butt significantly.. for the spring bride

One of the things that hinder the bride from choosing the right wedding dress that shows her body in a decent manner is the fullness of the buttocks and their accumulation of fat. Although many people

 follow severe diets in the run-up to the ceremony, this fat accumulated in some areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, needs some accompanying steps:

• Do not skip meals, specifically breakfast, because it begins the metabolism process in the body, and its omission causes an increase in the desire to eat throughout the day, especially fast food full of

 fat, and it is also recommended to adhere to a certain time to eat so that it is according to what was determined by one of the British

 studies at the time. 7:11 minutes for breakfast and from 12:30 until 1 pm for lunch. As for dinner, the study limited it between 6 pm and 6:40 minutes to lose weight effectively and maintain a slim figure.

• Abandon sweets because they contain a large percentage of calories devoid of basic nutrients, but if you are a fan of sweet taste, it is preferable that you prepare it at home to control the contents that cause fat accumulation in the buttocks and buttocks.

• Movement, as it stimulates the body to produce molecules that help burn fats and sugars that are eaten daily, as opposed to sitting all day, which reduces the chances of releasing them in places such as the buttocks, which leads to weight gain.

• Replacing the electric elevator with going up the stairs so that this helps to burn large amounts of fat and calories, to sculpt the body, and to remove fat from the buttocks and buttocks effectively.

• Eating a lot of green tea because it plays an important role in stimulating the dissolution of fat and burning more calories, especially if it is taken before meals or before exercising useful in

 this context, such as squatting exercises, intermittent exercises, cardio, which include walking, jumping On the rope and up the stairs.

• It is also recommended to drink more water at a rate of 8 cups a day to curb appetite and convert fat into energy, thus reducing accumulated fat and weight in general.

• Commitment to a balanced diet based on a lot of green beans, spinach, artichokes, salmon, tuna, lean red meat, skinless chicken, grapefruit, berries, oranges and other foods.


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