Tips to lose weight fast

 Tips to lose weight fast

If you want to lose weight quickly and make your body look graceful, diet is important, but it does not lead alone to the desired goal, but you have to exercise quickly, which is very important and necessary and its effect is double. Here are the ways and tips on how to lose weight quickly.

Cardio exercises

When it comes to losing weight quickly, aerobic exercise, which increases the heart rate, is your best option. Choose a cardio exercise

 that helps increase your heart rate. It is recommended to increase your cardio routine - such as jogging, rowing, swimming, cycling or working out on a treadmill - from 45 to 60 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week, to speed up weight loss.

If you can't find a full hour a day to exercise, don't give up hope in general. 10 minutes of "pressurizing" that gets the heart pumping several times a day, gives great results, so you have no excuses. Try jumping, climbing stairs, or jogging every two hours.


Avoid these foods and drinks

There are some foods that bloat the body, and you should avoid them for two weeks before the event you want to attend. Avoid dairy products, regular and diet sodas, and sports drinks, and eat plenty of

 fruits, and instead eat green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus (a natural diuretic), as well as snacks such as raw almonds, red bell peppers, and celery. Moisturize your body only with water and tea. And remember that not all calories are processed the same way.

 One of the most common mistakes women make when trying to lose weight is to look at all calories in the same way. Many women believe that the calories in a piece of energy-boosting fiber, for

 example, will be processed by the body in the same way that the calories in a chicken breast, for example, are processed. This is not

 true. When you're trying to lose weight, forgo processed carbs and eat plenty of fruits or fats, and consume calories rich in quality nutrients, such as chicken, quinoa, and vegetables.


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