Tips to get rid of stress and tension!

Tips to get rid of stress and tension!

Stress is a state of physical and psychological tension that a woman suffers from, whether she is a worker or a housewife, as a result of the tasks entrusted to her from tiring housework, and sometimes as a

 result of wrong habits such as eating unhealthy food or not getting enough sleep. For a life full of stress, there are some simple things that can be done, that will help to get rid of some of these pressures, the basis of which is of course a strong will.

Focus on one thing:

The best way to get rid of stress is not to distribute the effort and distract it among several things, but rather focus on one thing at a specific time. When the agenda is crowded, it is preferable to focus

 on the basic obligations and not be preoccupied with things that waste time and arrange the important work in a schedule on which you write down what you have to accomplish and what you have accomplished.

Practice healthy habits:

Paying attention to the health of the body in general, is one of the steps that help relieve fatigue and tension by eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, and snacks, and staying away from fast and ready-made foods. You should also quit smoking and drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks.

Do things to help you relax:

This applies to a woman's personality and what she likes. Many women see that relaxation is by accomplishing some household things, while others find that practicing some activities or exercises such as yoga is a way to help in comfort. Taking a nap, taking a shower or reading, can help relieve stress.

Set time for leisure:

Make time for recreation, such as doing some exercise you like or playing with the children.

Increase creativity

Creative thinking is one of the useful ways to get rid of stress and stress, as some have many creative hobbies such as drawing, music or design.

Self indulgence:

Sit with yourself for 20-30 minutes, and think about the things that increase your stress to get rid of them.

Getting up early:

Getting up late in the day will make you more tired, and you will be able to think about the hours you wasted in your day without accomplishing your tasks. Getting up early will give you enough food and you will find that your day is long and you can do many things. 


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