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Tips to be as graceful as a star

 Tips to be as graceful as a star

Want to lose some weight? There is no better than those who have preceded you in the experience, especially if it is those who shine in the spotlight of fame, so what if it was a famous star who underwent

 the experience of losing weight? She will not keep a secret from you as your friend does, but rather she will put in your hands tips to follow what you did to reach the result you want.

- Khloe Kardashian

Chloe, 31, is known as the "club worshiper" because she spends so much time doing sports, which has made her body polished, which is what many, if not all, women are looking for. However, Chloe

 revealed that many times she is unable to go to the gym, and this is not an excuse that prevents you from doing some exercise, she advises you to do squats and other stretching exercises anywhere, or put a rope in your bag as you do so that you can jump on it anywhere and anytime. Easy and light exercise.

- Charlotte Crosby

After she was suffering from excessive and noticeable weight, especially when she wore a bikini and criticized her photos, Charlotte decided to get rid of this extra weight, and she actually managed to do so after losing nearly 15 kilograms.

Don't let all the hard work you've already done go to waste for just a few days, Charlotte says, you can always make up for lost time.

- Lucy Mecklenburg

Lucy considers her life meaningless if she does not exercise, and says to everyone who wants to reach the point of fitness: “The

 beginning is the difficult task in losing weight or tightening the body, and the rest is much easier. It is difficult, so you can park your car further away from your destination and walk the distance.

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