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Tips for a slim figure after marriage

 Tips for a slim figure after marriage

It is very difficult for a woman to maintain her slim body and slender body after marriage, as a result of the changes that occur in her body. It is not only for women, but also for men, as it is often noticed that

 both men and women gain extra weight after a short period of marriage.

How can a woman maintain a graceful body after marriage?

This is a set of tips that should be followed by doctors and nutritionists.

Commitment to breakfast

Breakfast is a very important and neglected meal for many, it helps focus and provides the body with strength and activity. Breakfast also plays a major role in curbing the appetite, and thus controlling

 weight significantly. But at the same time, it should be taken into account to stay away from some types of foods, such as full-fat dairy, pastries, fried foods and energy or soft drinks, for a healthy meal that does not cause weight gain.

- Lots of vegetables and fruits

Stimulates the body to get rid of calories, thus burning the excess fat stored inside. Cucumbers, white beans, tomatoes and celery are recommended, as for fruits, avocados, coconut, grapefruit and strawberries.

- Define meals

Changing the previously followed regime, whether in terms of items, the timing of meals, affects weight gain or loss, and this is not only for newly married women, but it is a general rule for losing excess

 weight. Determining the date of the main meals and sticking to it, and in the event of feeling hungry between them, it is okay to eat light meals, such as carrots, popcorn or fruit salad.

Continuation of daily movement

Physical activity is very important, whether through brisk walking, running or even doing some exercise at home.


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