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Tips for pregnant women to sleep comfortably

 Tips for pregnant women to sleep comfortably

The pregnant woman suffers during her pregnancy from some pain, which makes her unable and anxious throughout this period, and she usually searches for the best ways and positions for a healthy and

 safe sleep during pregnancy, so we will show you through these lines the best tips for the pregnant woman to sleep comfortably during that period, so follow us.

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy:

1. The best sleeping position during pregnancy is on the left side, as it improves blood circulation for you and your baby and also ensures that the inferior vena cava is not compressed, which may limit blood flow to the placenta.

2. If sleeping on your left side is uncomfortable, a pregnancy pillow may help relax your tummy, back, neck and knees.

3. If you find that you suffer from back pain, use the "SOS" position, which is sleeping on the side with a pillow under your stomach or between your legs.

4. In late pregnancy, you may suffer from shortness of breath, so you should lie on your side or lie on pillows.

Ways a pregnant woman should avoid while sleeping

sleep on the back

 Sleeping on your back can cause problems with back pain, breathing, digestive problems, low blood pressure, which leads to reduced blood circulation to the heart, especially if you are late in your pregnancy.

Sleeping on the Tummy

  Sleeping on the stomach is impossible because of the physical changes that occur, which make it difficult to lie on it. Sleeping on the stomach causes many problems, both for you and your fetus.

 Tips for a better and restful sleep during pregnancy:

• Reduce caffeine intake and avoid drinking coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages after 3 pm.

• Drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day, while reducing the intake of these fluids two hours before bed, so that you do not have to get up and go to the bathroom.

• Practicing aerobic exercise, which is recommended by the doctor for a period of 30 minutes. Those exercises that are practiced such as yoga and others before birth work to relieve stress and improve blood circulation

• Body massage works to sleep better, with the need to avoid exercising four hours before going to sleep.

• Taking a warm bath or a foot or shoulder massage will help you relax.

• Make your bedroom dark and quiet at night to get a comfortable sleep.

• Wearing loose and comfortable clothes that help freedom of movement.


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