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Tips for exercising in the winter

 Tips for exercising in the winter

There is no doubt that continuing to exercise in a cold climate requires many motivational means to maintain physical fitness on the one hand and to prevent falling into the trap of winter depression on

 the other hand. Many scientific studies and research have proven that winter sports protect against winter diseases, such as colds, influenza, and others, and prevent weight gain, which usually doubles in this season of the year.

In a study, the results of which were published in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers showed that appetite

 increases especially in the winter with low temperatures. On the other hand, studies conducted in France demonstrated that exercise in the winter stimulates the metabolism in the body and burns more fat. .

It may not be a secret to anyone, the benefits of exercise all the time, but in the winter, the season of laziness, many men and women refrain from doing it despite its importance.

 1. Setting clear and specific goals from the outset that serve as a guide and motivator to continue in the event of inactivity. It is preferable to engage in challenges with oneself to strengthen it in one of the sports, then to engage in competition with others.

2. Finding enthusiastic companions that directly affect exercise adherence According to Dr. Joseph Costello, Senior Lecturer in Physiology at the University of Portsmouth, based on research, it is suggested that friends gather for exercise prevents their withdrawal, Rather, it will encourage their commitment and perseverance.

3. Participating in a sports club before the winter season will lead to resistance to laziness.

4. Purchasing customized sports clothing encourages exercise and prevents confusion in choosing the appropriate clothing.

5. Good selection of exercises appropriate to the health and physical situation in order to avoid any damage, even if it is simple, and that one feels comfortable and enjoyable, urging him to repeat the experience.

6. Not to over-exercise in order to prevent muscle strain that prevents the desire to return to exercise again.


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