Tips for exercising in Ramadan

 Tips for exercising in Ramadan

There are many beliefs about the subject of exercising in the month of Ramadan, and fasting people wonder how to exercise in this blessed month, and what are the appropriate times. Most of the

 women find it difficult to follow the sports routine in the month of Ramadan, due to the change in the diet and the feeling of fatigue quickly.

 Simple rules for exercising in Ramadan:

The most important thing in exercising in the month of Ramadan is choosing the appropriate time and place for exercise. The following are the most important things to be followed: Regarding this matter.

Exercising in the holy month of Ramadan must be done in a moderate atmosphere, as the hot weather increases the loss of fluids from the human body, which may lead to dehydration of the fasting person.

The best time to exercise in the blessed month of Ramadan is immediately before breaking the fast or two or three hours after iftar. It is not permissible to exercise immediately after breaking the fast. Because all the body's energy at this time is directed towards the digestion process.

It is preferable to exercise in well-ventilated places and away from pollution and crowded streets.

As for the type of sports that can be practiced in the holy month of Ramadan:

It is preferable to be light and not cumbersome, and walking is the best in the holy month, and there is nothing wrong with swimming, preferring to be after breakfast in order to avoid the possibility of water entering the mouth, and in general it is preferable to seek medical advice before starting to exercise any kind Sports.

To facilitate exercise, it is recommended to follow the following:

Doing sports collectively with some family members or close friends so that the person does not feel bored, and find someone who encourages him to continue exercising on a daily basis.

It is preferable to go to the mosque on foot, as this matter in itself is considered a daily sport that has a very beneficial effect on the health of the fasting person.

Performing Tarawih prayers can be considered a wide area for sports, and a catalyst for the digestion of fatty meals, so do not waste this opportunity.

If the housewife does not find enough time to exercise during the blessed month of Ramadan, she can, through some simple things, make up for this, so we advise her to climb the stairs.

Sports in Ramadan when and how?

It is necessary to exercise in Ramadan, and sports are important at all times, and Ramadan has a special feature, and most people’s activities are in the evening.

The right time to exercise in Ramadan People prefer to exercise in the afternoon during the month of Ramadan, because it is the period when there are no activities and obligations. But this time may be

 part of the problem for exercising in Ramadan, because the body in this period is at the top of its dryness and exhaustion, so we recommend exercising in the evening period, and in the lit places with sufficient lighting to avoid injuries due to darkness, and we also stress that the exercise should be after a meal creamy;

Precautions that the athlete needs to warm up, wear appropriate sports clothing, and ensure that the playing field and its eligibility to practice safe sports while wearing the appropriate sports medical shoes.

The best types of sports in Ramadan at all are walking and swimming, and it is preferable to avoid jogging or violent play in Ramadan, because the body is in a state of dehydration and this may cause muscle tension.

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