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Three-hour diet to lose weight and get rid of belly fat

Three-hour diet to lose weight and get rid of belly fat

The three-hour diet to lose weight and get rid of belly fat, whose idea is based on the principle of not starving the body. This diet, created

 by "George Cruz", a fitness trainer and famous author of diet books, aims to eliminate belly fat and help get rid of kilograms and excess weight.

Three hour diet to lose weight

The three-hour diet achieved a wide spread not only in the United States, but worldwide. And the number of those who follow this system has increased dramatically due to its ease of implementation

 and the possibility of continuing it for life, as it is a life system rather than a diet for a certain period, and because it contains all the nutrients necessary for the human body, and sufficient quantities of food do not make you feel hungry or deprived.

When following this diet, you can eat small meals every three hours throughout the day, which boosts the metabolism and improves the body's burning of fat. This is because if food is eaten after 4 or 5

 hours, it will enter the starvation period and will store fat in exchange for burning muscle, and the result will be a slowdown in the metabolism process.

Three-hour diet rules

If you want to implement a weight loss diet, you must abide by these rules:

Have breakfast at 7 in the morning, at 10 you can have a snack, and at 1 in the afternoon it is time for lunch.

And at four o'clock in the afternoon, you are allowed to eat a light meal as well, and you have to eat dinner at seven o'clock in the evening.

And shortly after eating dinner, you can eat a snack consisting of only 50 calories.

But don't eat any kind of food in the 3 hours before you go to sleep. Thus, the calories you consume are distributed as follows: breakfast is 400 calories, snack is 100 calories, lunch is 400 calories, the second snack is 100 calories and dinner is 400 calories.

And when you start losing weight, you can allow yourself a small violation every day, but before dinner, by consuming an additional 50 calories.

The most important tips to follow and succeed the three-hour diet

The three-hour diet depends on increasing the intake of dietary fiber and protein to foods to enhance the feeling of satiety and prevent constipation.

It is important to exercise of all kinds, light or harsh, in conjunction with the three-hour diet, for 20 minutes a day only, which helps to raise the metabolism and burn fat.

It is necessary to drink a glass of water every hour to relieve the feeling of hunger between meals.

It is preferable to eat oatmeal and whole grain bread, which is rich in fiber and free of sugar.

It is recommended to divide the main meal into two types: the first is made of vegetables or salad (boiled, grilled and raw) and the second is starchy (bread, brown rice or pasta) + protein (eggs, red meat without fat, chicken meat, fish, lentils...)

Snacks should consist mainly of a piece of fruit, a diet cake, fat-free yogurt, some fat-free popcorn, or a handful of raw or grilled nuts.


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