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This is how you take care of the beauty of your neck

 This is how you take care of the beauty of your neck

The skin of the neck is the most vulnerable area for the appearance of wrinkles, which are difficult to hide despite all the advanced

 technologies, and some women usually neglect to pay attention to them. So it's time to pay more attention to this area to keep it youthful and radiant, just like facial skin.

1- sunscreen

Even in the winter season, the skin on your neck needs sunscreen next to its moisturizer, whether in the daytime or evening hours, especially since it is the most vulnerable to damage and the

 appearance of sagging, and sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen exacerbates this problem.

In all cases, use a moisturizing cream and make sure to apply it in the correct way, through longitudinal movements from the bottom to the top towards the chin.

2- Anti-aging treatments

In addition to anti-wrinkle creams for the neck area, I also used some specialized treatments that are practiced in medical clinics by

 specialized and skilled doctors in the field of skin treatments to obtain smoothing sessions, slimming and improving the appearance of lines and sagging indicative of age.

3- Regular exfoliation

Exfoliation of the skin once or twice a week is necessary to maintain the vitality of the skin. This removes the dead skin that causes sagging and wrinkles. This process helps to renew skin cells faster, and restore the skin's natural youthfulness.

4- Sitting and walking position

The way of walking and sitting has a significant impact on the appearance of the skin of the neck, the more your head goes down in different positions of the body, the more wrinkles appear in the neck, so always make sure to walk straight and always sit with the head raised.

5- Do some exercise

Exercise helps a lot in maintaining the beauty and freshness of the neck skin and free of wrinkles and sagging because it stimulates blood circulation and increases blood flow to it. Try to do some exercises specific to the neck area to tighten it and reduce its folds.

6- A healthy diet

Use foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, especially omega 3 and 6, and vitamins E, A and C, with the need to take nutritional supplements that help anti-aging.

7- Natural masks for tightening the neck

• Egg whites and oats

Beat the white of one egg until it becomes creamy, then add to it a tablespoon of honey, a few drops of lemon juice and a mixture of

 boiled oats in a cup of cooled water. Distribute it on the entire skin of the face and neck for 30 minutes to feel immediate freshness and a noticeable tightening of the entire skin.

• Strawberry and tomato mask

Mix half a tomato with half a peach and 5 strawberries in the electric mixer, then use the mixture on the entire skin of the neck for the

 purpose of lightening it. You can replace the peach with half of a fresh banana for a more youthful, fresh and smooth neck appearance.


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