These are the best and easiest muscle strengthening exercises

These are the best and easiest muscle strengthening exercises

Muscle strengthening exercises are one of the daily activities that must be done in order to maintain a beautiful body and a healthy appearance. These exercises can be practiced at home without the

 need to go to the gym. In parallel, it is important to take care of eating healthy foods that help build muscle and burn fat at the same time. These are the best muscle strengthening exercises at home.

5 exercises to build muscle

Some muscle strengthening exercises can be done easily. That is why you must learn to do it at home in a correct manner and without making any mistakes in order to achieve the most prominent benefits.

first exercise

1 Stand straight with the arms raised at the sides to form a straight line with the shoulders.

2 After this, a forward winding movement is carried out by them with their nets without touching.

3 In order to benefit from the exercise, it must be done in 3 sessions, each of which includes 4 movements per day.

second exercise

1 Lie on your back with your arms extended on either side of your body.

2 Breathe in slowly while raising the thighs and legs up. This can be done with or without the head raised.

3 The movement must be repeated 6 times, then repeat the exercise several times a day, taking care to breathe slowly and properly.

The third exercise

1 In order to do this exercise, you should lie flat on your stomach.

2 After this, the body is raised and resting on the knees, the palms of the hands and the tips of the toes. 3 Raise the right arm in conjunction with the left leg up.

4 You must maintain this position for as long as possible before repeating the exercise in the opposite direction. The first position can be restored and then the movement should be repeated several times during the day.

Fourth exercise

1 Sitting on the floor with the legs extended forward and the hands on either side of the buttocks.

2 The body is raised to the top with the palms of the hands and feet resting on.

3 In this case, the air must be deeply inhaled before turning the head back.

4 Care must be taken to tighten the muscles while adopting this position without being hurt. After this, the normal position is restored and the exercise is repeated several times.


Fifth exercise

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the body without the need to go to the gym and is easy to apply.

1 First lie on the stomach while maintaining a straight body position.

2 Then lean on the tips of the toes and the palms of the hands.

3 The body is raised to the top so that the back and the lower part form a line resembling an arc.

3 Be careful not to touch the knees on the ground and to breathe properly.

4 After that, the lower part of the body, i.e. the buttocks, must be raised up and the head down, while resting on the entire area of ​​the feet and hands. It is important to breathe deeply while performing

 this exercise and repeat the two movements several times. This is one of the best muscle strengthening exercises that can be done at home.

In parallel, an appropriate diet and lifestyle must be adopted by eating foods that contribute to building muscle mass, including cottage cheese, chickpeas, beef, lentils, salmon, grilled chicken, oysters, chia seeds, yogurt, tuna, flax seeds, legumes, and others. 


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