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The rules of etiquette in the gym

The rules of etiquette in the gym

There is no doubt that you are maintaining your fitness, by adopting a lifestyle based on healthy habits, the most prominent of which is going to the gym to exercise at least three times a week. However, in

 the following, we will not provide you with tips related to this, but rather we will inform you of the principles of behavior, dealing and etiquette rules that you must follow in this regard. So are you ready?

Wear the right clothes

Make sure not to overdo it with the clothes you wear and always remember that the best things are in the middle. So, choose a regular sports sweater and pants appropriate for the place and always be aware that you should not infringe the modesty of others with what you wear.

Don't control the machines

Of course, each of the attendees has a role and you don't have to let the others wait too long. It is also unhealthy to do some exercise for an hour or more.

don't eat

If you want to have a piece of fruit or a little of your sports drink in between workouts, don't do it in the training area, but go to the balcony or to the locker room.

Let them see you and not hear you

And so that you can do this, do not talk to your girlfriend out loud and also do not raise the volume of your small radio. Others may not want to listen to your songs or stories.

 Don't look too long in the mirror

The training rooms in gyms are usually equipped with a number of large mirrors. You can look at your figure through one of them, but don't stand too long in front of it, it may bother the others as well.

Don't use your phone

Yes, it is best not to do this during exercise sessions. But if you have to answer a necessary call, ask the trainer for permission first and speak to the caller in the reception room and not in the gym.

Don't give advice

I am not trained. So, you don't have to give advice to others about this or that machine or this or that exercise. You are thus placing yourself in the rank of an expert and claiming, for them, that you know things more than they do.

In the dressing room

Do not reserve seats: As with machines, you cannot reserve chairs and seats in the locker room by placing your towel or gym bag on one of them. One of them may need to sit down.

 Avoid gossip: Others may not want to listen to what you have to say and may feel uncomfortable about it. So, calm down!

Do not use other items such as towel, hairbrush, etc. 


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