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The rules of etiquette in the gym

 The rules of etiquette in the gym

You sweat while you work out at the gym, and so do the others. However, this does not mean that you have to give up some etiquette rules in that place. In fact, with a good number of women in the same room, it seems that following these rules is a must. Here are some.

1 - Receiving your calls abroad

Your female clubmates listen to music from their smart devices while they work out. So, you don't have to bother them by answering any

 phone call while you're standing close to them. So, walk out of the room in case you have to talk on the phone or leave your phone in your locker, which is the ideal course of action.

2- Don't control the machines

If the place is crowded and you notice that there are people waiting in line to do the exercises on the brisk treadmill when you are done with it, do not let this exercise take more than 30 minutes and do not

 control any exercise machine. That time is enough, whether you do cardio, bike, or something else. Remember, the gym is not a restaurant. So, do not reserve a place for yourself and do not put your hand on more than one towel and do not hang your things on the handle of the treadmill for example...

3- Stick to the time

You should, especially if you are participating in a group exercise session. Why? For the following reason: Even the first minutes may be very important, during which the trainer may explain the goal to be achieved from the exercise and announce some useful and necessary things.


4- Do not leave the training session without informing your coach

Of course, this coach knows very well that you, like everyone else, have certain obligations and of course, she will not refuse to leave a training session a few minutes before it ends. But it is better to let

 her know this in advance, before the start of the exercise, and to choose a place located close to the exit door so as not to disturb the others and distract them when you leave.

5- Respect the space of others

 If you are doing some group exercises, don't stand too close to any of the posts. So, before you start exercising, look around and make sure you don't bother who's standing next to you, in front of you, or behind you.

6- Lower your voice while talking

If you seek to relax in the sauna, for example, know that it is the purpose of others as well. So, don't talk too loudly to your girlfriend because of course it will annoy everyone. Remember this rule also in the dressing room, bathroom, etc... Not everyone else, of course, wants to know what's going on in your head.

7- Use the wardrobe

Don't bring your belongings with you while you exercise, as this may bother others as well. So, go to one of the lockers in the dressing room and put all your things like your gym bag in it. This is also a safe measure for you and ensures that none of these items are lost.

8 - Arrange first and last

If you can't find a closet to put your things in and have to put it in the dressing room, watch out! Adopt the arrangement principle for that. Some of them may scatter on the ground, for example, cause one of

 them to stumble and suffer an injury of some kind. And you don't want this. is not it? So, be organized and don't offend others.

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