The proven clap exercise to lose weight in days

 The proven clap exercise to lose weight in days

The clapping exercise to lose weight is one of the ways that helps to get slim and tight arms without following a hard diet. This exercise

 helps to tighten this area and tighten the sagging skin. Although a lot of exercises can be relied on for this, the clap exercise to lose weight in the lugs is one of the most effective and easy.


Causes of sagging ulna

The clapping exercise is needed to slim the ulna in the event of flabbiness. This usually happens for various reasons, the most prominent of which are.

Rapid weight loss due to illness or after following a strict diet. This leads to the dissolution of fat that accumulates under the skin and to the occurrence of a vacuum that causes sagging.

- Undergoing liposuction.

A decrease in the level of fiber in the body due to not eating foods that contain it.

The skin loses its elasticity due to aging.

Sitting for a long time, especially in the case of people who do office work and do not exercise.


Clapping method

In order to slim the arms, it is useful to do many exercises, including the clapping exercise.

1 Stand up straight.

2 Extend the arms forward.

3 Clapping is done with the hands with the arms stretched. This helps reduce sagging skin as well as strengthen their muscles and shoulder muscles.

It is important to repeat this exercise as much as possible, and it is best that the number of movements is not less than 50 per day.

Other exercises to lose weight

In addition to following a healthy diet and doing the lumbar exercise, it is also useful to do other very easy exercises, knowing that this can be done at home.

1 push-up

- Lie on the stomach.

- Lifts the entire body, resting on the palms of the hands and the tips of the toes or the knees.

The basic position is restored without the body touching the ground and then rising again.

In order to benefit from this exercise, it is recommended to repeat it from 15 to 20 times a day.

2 plastic pack exercises

- Two medium-sized plastic containers or weights are brought, if available.

Stand straight with your feet, one at a distance from the other, parallel to the shoulders.

- Each package is lifted by one of the hands to the top, with the forearm forming a right angle with the arm.

This exercise should be repeated from 20 to 30 times daily.

3 arm lifts

In this case, you should stand with your knees folded forward.

Extend the arms forward and as high as possible.

- After this, they are reduced to the bottom as much as possible, and the movement is repeated from 10 to 15 times a day.

4 squats

- In order to practice this easy exercise, you must stand and keep the feet away from one another as much as possible, then fold the knees in opposite directions.

- After this, weights must be carried and the forearms lifted, while the arms are stretched upwards.

Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times daily.

5 chair exercise

This exercise can be done in two ways.

First method

- Sitting on the chair with the palms of the hands on the edges.

- Feet are extended forward and slide down with the arms stretched.

Passing down and up must be repeated 20 to 25 times.


The second method

As its name indicates, this exercise requires a chair.

Stand behind the chair with a slight distance from it.

The palms of the hands are placed on the upper back.

The body is raised as high as possible with the arms stretched and resting on the tip of the toes.

The basic position is restored, but without the heels of the feet touching the ground.

- In order to benefit from this exercise just as in the case of the clapping exercise to slim the lugs, it is recommended to practice it as many times as possible.


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