The most important tips for losing weight before the New Year's Eve

 The most important tips for losing weight before the New Year's Eve

Losing weight is a difficult task, as it requires effort and commitment as well as time for results to appear, so losing weight in a healthy manner and over a long period of time is more able to maintain the

 new weight, and following tips for healthy weight loss and getting rid of excess weight will bring great benefits to your health . Below, "Al Jamila" offers you tips to lose weight to enjoy a slim body at the New Year's party.

The most important tips to lose weight before the New Year's Eve

Start writing a food note

It is advisable to keep a temporary diary for a few days, and write down all the quantities of food eaten during the day, to avoid overeating. You can use a notepad or a phone notepad to record all the foods and drinks eaten throughout the day and assess your compliance.

Reduce calories

It is recommended to eat low-calorie foods that make you feel full at the same time, such as vegetables.

Reducing fats and sugars

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It is recommended to reduce the intake of fats that contribute to weight gain significantly. But it is okay to include healthy fats in your diet in reasonable quantities, such as: olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc., as they help to feel full and improve your mood. And

 reduce the consumption of sweets, soft drinks, and foods with added sugar, such as: some types of sauces and canned vegetables, as these foods contribute to an increase in the waist circumference.

Eat foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in fiber can help you feel full and reduce the desire to eat, and their sources are vegetables, fruits, brown rice, beans, peas, lentils, oats, and others.

Avoid fast and prepared foods

You should avoid unhealthy foods such as chocolate, biscuits, potato chips, soft drinks and other foods rich in fats and sugars, and eat healthy snacks, such as: fruits, oatmeal cookies, unsalted and unsweetened popcorn, and fruit juice.

Drink more water

It is recommended to drink a lot of water throughout the day, drink at least 2.5 liters of water, and you can even add a tablespoon of honey for every liter of water you consume for your weight loss.

Eat at specific times

Regulating food intake and setting meal times can help burn calories faster.

Eat the recommended servings of protein

A high-protein diet combined with exercise helps build lean muscle, which helps burn more calories throughout the day, which helps lose weight.

Doing exercise

You can start exercising gradually and increase the intensity over time.


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