The most easy and effective waist and sides sculpting exercises

 The most easy and effective waist and sides sculpting exercises

Many people are looking for the most effective, easy, and effective weight loss exercises for the waist and sides. These fats may accumulate in these two areas quickly for various reasons, including

 eating foods that contain a high percentage of fat and sugar, not engaging in physical activities at all, and sitting for long periods during the day. It is very important in order to lose weight in these

 two areas, to make sure to adopt a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. That is why it is necessary to identify the most prominent and most effective and effective waist and side exercises on difficult and stubborn blocks.

Waist and sides exercises

It is important to know the most effective waist and sides exercises in order to benefit from them in body sculpting and regaining fitness. It is very easy and can be practiced at home without the need for weight or to go to the gym.

squat exercise

It is known that this exercise works to tighten the muscles of the back, flanks and thighs. In order to exercise it must take these steps.

1 You should stand up straight.

2 The arms are extended in front of the chest and the fingers of the hands are intertwined.

3 After this, the legs are separated from one another.

4 Sitting in a squatting manner, maintaining a straight back position.

5 This position is maintained as much as possible before restoring the basic position and then repeating the exercise several times. It is possible to do more than once during the day.

Push-up with legs raised

This exercise can help tighten all the muscles of the body, including the muscles of the trunk and the lower part of the body.

1 In order to do this exercise, you must adopt a push-up position. This means lying on the stomach straight and then lifting the body with the palms of the hands and the tops of the feet resting.

2 The right leg is raised to the top and maintain this position as much as possible.

3 Lower the right leg and raise the left for as long as possible.

4 This exercise should be repeated several times for the legs, and it is better to do this daily.

 Wall Rotation

1 In this case, you must stand in front of the wall without sticking to it, and keep the legs apart, one from the other. (The exercise can be performed without standing in front of the wall, sitting with the legs extended, or standing while lifting weights).

2 The upper torso should rotate to the right without moving the pelvis, the lower part and the feet.

3 The left hand should be raised towards the wall, tightening it as much as possible.

4 After this, the arm should be lowered and the torso turned towards the left side.

5 This time, raise the right arm toward the wall, tightening it as tightly as possible.

The exercise can be performed with the hands on the flanks. It is important to repeat this movement as many times as possible.

Back Press

1 It is important in this case to lie on your back while maintaining a straight body position.

2 The knees should be bent upwards with the feet fixed on the ground.

3 After this, the arms must be raised up and the fingers of the hands intertwined behind the head.

4 The torso is raised upwards with a tilt toward one side.

5 Maintain this position as much as possible and then restore the original position.

6 After this, the same movement must be repeated in the opposite direction.

  It is important to repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times if this is possible. It is considered one of the most effective waist and sides exercises and the ability to blast fat quickly.

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