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The method of slimming the ulna

 The method of slimming the ulna

The method of slimming the ulna is easy, whatever the method that must be followed for it. It is possible to count on some exercise specific to this area. It is also possible to resort to a number of

 natural recipes that burn fat and tighten the skin. But it is always better to first search for the reasons that lead to the accumulation of fat, while making sure to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Methods for dissolving arm fat

When looking for a way to lose weight, you can find many means that help in this effectively. In this case, it is important to rely on exercise as well as on some natural recipes that can be prepared at home.

Weight training

This exercise helps to remove the fat that accumulates in the arm or groin area and to tighten loose skin. It can be applied this way.

1 You should stand with your knees pressed together and folded forward a little.

2 The appropriate weights are carried with both hands.

3 The arms should be extended downward with a slight bend.

4 The weights are lifted up towards the chest as much as possible and then returned to the first position. It is useful to repeat the same movement as many times as possible or 15 times within 3 sets.

5 After this, you must stand straight, then raise the hands, or one of them, and direct them towards the shoulders and back, then return them to the first position. This movement must be repeated 10 times within 4 sets.


Diamond Shape Push-up

1 In order to apply this exercise, you must first lie on the abdomen on the exercise mat, resting on the tip of the toes.

2 Place the hands under the chest. The fingers of each of them are placed opposite the fingers of the other to form a triangle.

3 After this, the hands should be supported in order to raise the body as high as possible, with the shoulders open.

4 The basic position is restored, then the exercise is repeated 10 or 15 times within 5 sets. Ordinary push-ups can also be practiced.

Weight loss with natural recipes

The natural method of slimming the ulna is one of the easiest methods that can be adopted. But in addition to its use, you must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. This means cutting out harmful fats and being very moderate in sugar consumption. Here are some descriptions.

Egg, Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe


one egg white

Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

A little grated ginger

1 Beat the egg whites, then add the grated ginger and apple cider vinegar. Mix the ingredients well until you get a mixture without lumps.

2 Apply the mixture to the arms.

3 The application of the mixture should be repeated as often as it dries for one hour. It is useful to use the recipe twice a week until the result is obtained.

Starch, honey and bran recipe


1 teaspoon of ground starch

Tablespoon of olive oil

tablespoon of honey

a teaspoon of bran


1 Mix the starch, olive oil, honey and bran together until a cohesive mixture is obtained.

2 The mixture is applied to the stalks for two hours after they are wrapped in cling film. The recipe can be repeated 3 times a week.

Coffee and olive oil recipe


Half a cup of coffee powder

A quarter cup of olive oil


1 Mix the two ingredients well.

2 Massage the sagging areas of the arms with this mixture for at least 15 minutes.

3 After this, the arms are wrapped with adhesive nylon for an hour.

Turmeric and water recipe


1 3 tablespoons turmeric

2 and a half cups of drinking water


1 Mix turmeric with water well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

2 The elbows are massaged with the mixture, covered with cling film, and left on for 45 minutes. It is possible to repeat the recipe twice a week in order to get the best result.

Tips for slimming arms

In addition to choosing a method to lose weight, it is also possible to follow some useful daily tips.

Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats.

Eating 30 minutes to an hour before exercise, focusing on those that help dissolve arm fat.

Eat foods that contain protein.


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