The fastest way to soften hands like silk

 The fastest way to soften hands like silk

Hands are the mirror of a woman through which she can identify the extent of her interest in the beauty of her skin and body. Just as it is

 the case with the skin of the face that needs intensive evening care, the hands also need these basic steps to maintain their beauty, purity and serenity.

Dedicate an evening moisturizing cream to hands and nails to soften and smoothen them.

Wear cotton gloves that trap moisture in the hands and prevent moisture from seeping into bedding to make the most of the moisturizing and restorative ingredients of the hand cream in the evening.

Massage your hands every evening with natural oils that nourish and strengthen the skin membranes and soften the surface of the skin. You can keep a bottle of natural oils near the bed to remind you to do this step before you go to sleep.

Use the natural masks and masks that treat the problems of the hands and make you enjoy soft, bright and supple skin. Try the natural extracts of honey, banana, tomato and avocado.

Drink more water in the evening and do some light meditation exercises that restore balance to the entire skin of the body and keep the hands looking hydrated and soft.

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