The fastest way to slim the arms and buttocks

 The fastest way to slim the arms and buttocks

How to use sumac to lose weight and what are the most important exercises to lose weight, as many women suffer from the accumulation of fat and flabbiness in the arms and groin, so the

 importance of sports and exercises that target the slimming of the arms and groin to get the attractive appearance that every woman aspires to.

Allocate a short time for yourself to include these special exercises in your daily routine, and you will definitely be happy with the results and the difference in slimming and tightening the arms and groin and

 burning the sagging fat that will appear within a short time if you persevere in practicing these home exercises regularly instead of doing dozens of difficult exercises And cumbersome.

first exercise

Start doing the plank and keep your body line straight. Put your hands on the floor and under your chin and shape a diamond with your hands. Then get down and do your normal push-up.

second exercise

Put your hands behind you on the edge of the sofa or any chair or on the floor and lower towards the floor.

 Start by raising your body high until the back reaches the height of

 the sofa, with your hands behind you extended straight, then go down again and gradually towards the ground until you come close to the ground with the elbows bent.

The third exercise

Stand straight, holding weights in your hands. Bend your arms as you raise the weights toward the shoulders.

 Then roll them completely over your head in the air. Do not move your body, and slowly lower the weights to return to the starting position.

Fourth exercise

First stand up straight, then bend your upper body down to the floor a little and bring your butt back, and your knees slightly bent. Carry some light weights in your hands, bend your elbows at 90 degrees

 and bring them towards your chest, then return them behind your back and fully extend them as in the picture.

 Keep the back and head straight during this movement. If you feel tired, you can do the exercise without bending your elbows.

Fifth exercise

Take the basic plank position on the ground. Rest off the ground on the palms of your hands and the toes of your feet. 

In the first movement, start bending the right elbow on the floor, then the left and take the second plank position, resting on your elbows. 

Return to the first position by repeating the movements in the opposite direction and continue to repeat the exercise for 15 seconds.

 Then do the same movements, starting to bend the left elbow for an additional 15 seconds.

Sixth exercise

Bend the feet together on the ground, hold light weights in your hands, then lift them and extend them straight into the air directly above you.

 Bend the arms and elbows together and open them aside as the picture shows you, then return to the first position and extend them in the air and repeat the movements for 30 seconds.

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