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The effect of stress on the skin and how to avoid it

The effect of stress on the skin and how to avoid it

It is natural for every woman to notice an increase in her skin problems with the stages that are accompanied by stress in her life, as doctors confirm that stress negatively affects the skin in these 6 ways:

Increased appearance of previous problems

The relationship between stress and skin problems is a direct one, and as soon as stress increases, signs of skin problems increase, especially eczema and psoriasis.

The main reason is the increase in the secretion of the hormone cortisol in the body during stress, which weakens the immune system to begin to exacerbate body problems, including skin problems.

social problems

With the emergence of real problems in the skin, the person tends to be isolated, which causes real social problems as well.

Lack of sleep

It is natural that you do not get enough sleep while you are in a state of extreme stress, and if you can, it will not take you enough to protect your face from the appearance of signs of fatigue on

 it, especially dark circles, puffy eyes, in addition to accelerating the appearance of signs of aging, especially wrinkles.

hair loss

With the high rate of tension in the body, the hair begins to stop growing at its normal rate, as well as weaken its roots, which leads to noticeable loss.

It is normal for everyone to be exposed to stress and life pressures, but the important thing is to find ways to release these negative energies such as exercising and yoga, spending time with loved ones and sitting outside in nature. 


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