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The easiest way to lose weight

The easiest way to lose weight

So you eat less, eat more. It is the easiest way to lose excess weight, burn annoying fats and consume the fewest possible number of calories. In this case, food should be eaten every two hours.

To eat less, eat every two hours

Eating every two hours helps activate the metabolism and enables the body to burn fat continuously. Here is this useful program that you can follow daily as the easiest way to lose weight:

Breakfast, 8 am: a glass of lemonade, a mixture of fruits and quinoa, a cup of green tea.

Snack, 10 a.m.: an apple, a pear, a little almond butter.

Lunch, 12 noon: Tuna salad (with water) with lemon juice and a little olive oil, a cup of green tea or herbal extract.

Snack, 14:00: 4 peaches and a kiwi.

Dinner, 17:00: Grilled chicken with ginger vegetables, a cup of green tea or an herbal extract.

Snack: A cup of skimmed yogurt with a few drops of natural vanilla extract and a pinch of stevia.

It is important to avoid eating chocolate, fried and prepared foods, sweets and sweets. On the other hand, you can choose dishes that contain fruits, chicken, fish and lean meat, in addition to low-fat dairy products. It is possible to eat two boiled eggs only twice a week.

 It is also necessary to exercise that helps to build muscle for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Thus, you can keep fit while following the rule "so you eat less, eat more". 


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