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The difference between stomach bloating and increased belly fat

 The difference between stomach bloating and increased belly fat

Increased belly fat is different from stomach bloating, and each of them has causes and symptoms through which the differences

 between them can be identified, as well as treatment methods related to the nature of the body and its health condition.

Although the increase in belly fat is different from stomach bloating, both of them have a direct impact on the consistency and shape of the body, but they pose a threat to the vital functions of the body and cause various chronic diseases.

From this point of view, we will learn the difference between a bloated stomach and an increase in belly fat.

The difference between stomach bloating and increased belly fat

Both increased abdominal fat and stomach bloating have an essential cause of their infection, which is malnutrition and unhealthy foods

 that are constantly eaten. Otherwise, a distinction can be made between stomach bloating and increased abdominal fat as follows

The flatulence of the stomach expands the abdomen accidentally throughout the day, in contrast to the increase in abdominal fat. The gases that lead to the flatulence of the stomach also cause the

 abdomen to expand without the ability to hold the abdomen with the fingers, as it is taut and somewhat stiff.

A bloated stomach causes some pain and temporary physical discomfort in general, unlike an increase in persistent belly fat.

Excess belly fat is widespread while flatulence is localized.

Excess belly fat takes on a spongy shape that is easy to touch with fingers, while stomach bloating is solid.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the use of medical treatments to get rid of temporary stomach bloating, taking into account eating high-protein meals, reducing carbohydrate

 consumption, organizing healthy meals throughout the day and reducing their quantities at all times and walking after each meal as much as possible.

This is in addition to increasing abdominal fat, which needs to follow a healthy diet as a lifestyle, appropriate for the nature of the body and its health condition, according to a physical plan that contributes to

 getting rid of the accumulated fat throughout the body, especially the abdominal fat area, in order to avoid chronic diseases, the most important of which is “sick.” Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the like.

So know, my dear, that stomach bloating is a temporary disease that is easy to treat with natural methods and various medications. As for the increase in belly fat, it requires a decisive decision to change your

 lifestyle and eating habits always, in order to avoid obesity, which may pose a threat to vital body functions and not the abdominal area. Only in the long term.


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