The correct way to maintain weight after dieting

 The correct way to maintain weight after dieting

Some people think that stabilizing weight after a diet is an important task that ends after a period of time, as does a diet, but it is a misconception, as stabilizing weight is a lifestyle that must be followed so that the excess weight does not return again.

Experts confirm that following a stabilization system for a period of time and then returning to eating as it was before the diet, will undoubtedly return the weight again to start the diet journey from the

 beginning. Weight stabilization depends on one rule, which is the relationship between movement and calories eaten during the day. All foods in the stabilization stage that must last a lifetime are available, provided they are subject to the number of calories.

More clearly, experts have determined that a woman whose weight ranges from 55 to 65 kilograms needs 1,200 calories per day to ensure the stability of the weight without increasing, and for those

 who weigh more than 65, they need slightly more calories, as they do not exceed daily, no matter how much they weigh 1,400 calories.

It is preferable to follow a healthy system, but this matter may feel boring, especially since the fixation, as we mentioned above, is a lifestyle, so doctors allow eating all foods, provided that they do not

 exceed the previous rates, and if you exceed them one day, you must adjust the matter the next day, as the specialists advised that Maintain movement by exercising at least twice a week, and if you do not have the opportunity to go to the gyms, you can do some exercises at home.

To ensure the stability of the weight, experts advise that it is necessary to follow it once a week, through a digital scale, provided that the scale does not change every time, it is preferable to buy it and keep it at home, in order to correct any increase that may appear on the indicator.

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