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The contents of the gym bag for a full workout

 The contents of the gym bag for a full workout

Going to the gym needs a little arrangement, for example, you must take a bag containing necessary tools with you that you use in the few hours you will spend in the gym if you do not know that the matter is not limited to sports shoes and cotton clothes.

Sports pants, a cotton T-shirt, and special weightlifting paws.

A bottle of water or “rain” to drink the right amount of water when you feel thirsty during training, as this will save you a lot of time.

Healthy snacks Don't forget to take light foods that you eat before or after you finish your workout.

Antiperspirant deodorant to avoid the appearance of the smell of sweat during exercise and it is recommended to use it after exercising and taking a shower, to open the pores of the body's skin so as not to expose your body to the chemical components contained in the deodorant.

3 cotton towels, the first for you to wipe off the sweat you put in while exercising, the other for drying your body after showering when you finish training, and the third for your hair.

Music player that helps motivate and motivate throughout the training period. So make sure to have a music player and headphones so that you can motivate yourself while exercising.

·       plastic bags. Keep these bags to separate your clean clothes from used sportswear or set aside a separate side of the bag inside the pockets or the internal divisions of the bag for this to keep the clothes moist and fresh and avoid bacteria, which can be generated by friction between clothes.

Cotton socks.

Rubber bands for your hair, a headband and a hairbrush.

Plastic slippers after showering.

Shampoo, shower gel and conditioner for your hair.


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