The best way to treat back pain

 The best way to treat back pain

Back pain treatment, may be one of the most common words that appear on search engines, if your work requires sitting for long hours at the desk, you will notice the common complaint between you and

 your female colleagues about back pain, as well as if you are a mother and tired of the burdens of the house and caring for children, so here are some ways that The most common in the treatment of back pain are:


A British study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed that people who suffer from back pain, especially in the lower region, who practiced yoga once a week for a period of 3

 months, noticed a significant improvement in getting rid of this pain compared to those who were treated by traditional methods "drugs and physical therapy." ".

Muscle stretching exercises:

The same study showed that stretching has the same positive effects as yoga. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to gyms that specialize in this type of sports, which often contain 15 exercises that last for 50 minutes.

Chinese Tai Chi exercises:

By this we mean the slow movements that are carried out in self-defense exercises in China. An American study confirmed that people who do these slow exercises for 40 minutes and twice a week, feel a significant improvement in their back after 10 weeks.

Get rid of stress:

Most studies confirm that back pain is related to a specific psychological state, such as anxiety and nervousness. When you get into a state of tension, your body becomes as one unresponsive piece, which negatively affects the muscles and thus the back.

So happiness and positive thinking are your allies to get rid of back pain.

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