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The best healthy diet to improve mood and psychological state

 The best healthy diet to improve mood and psychological state

A diet to improve the psychological state, has become a science studied and a rolling approach over the past years through a healthy

 diet, known as "food psychology", through which a diet suitable for mood and psychological state is selected according to the person's nature and health condition.

And we will notice more interest in following a diet in recent times and about the effects of dietary behavior on human health and mental health without exception through an appropriate diet.

In this context, "Inverse" interviewed Dr. Uma Naidoo, a psychiatrist and a professional chef at the same time.

The meeting discussed the relationship between mental health and diet, as well as foods that help relieve stress.

From this point of view, we will not choose the best healthy diet to improve the mood and psychological state, as it will differ from one person to another according to the scientific theories in support of

 that, but we will choose the best foods that help improve the psychological state in general, based on the recommendations of nutrition consultant Dr. Mona Ibrahim from Cairo.

Food to improve the mental state

Effects of dietary behavior on mental health.

The best foods to improve mood and psychological state.

Effects of dietary behavior on mental health

Dr. Mona touched on the most important nutritional advice to improve the mood, which was provided by Dr. Uma Naidoo through the “Inverse” website, as she supported her in the necessity of

 following a healthy diet that helps to improve the mood and psychological state on a regular basis and according to the relative standards, the most important of which is “drinking large amounts of

 water daily, Eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead of their juices, allocating daily portions of low-calorie fiber, and replacing red meat

 as much as possible with vegetable proteins to improve the psychological state always.

Dr. Mona also confirmed that the first step is to assess what the person is currently eating, and then start making small, gradual adjustments so that they can be followed and adhered to.

On the other hand, Dr. Mona indicated that dietary behavior has a strong and real impact on the neurological and psychological disorders that she suffers from, as the authors of the new scientific

 review from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden published through the “Medical News Today” website, confirming that life will be different in the event of a change Food habits and the treatment of

 mood and psychological state through this and not various medical treatments, as well as a group of researchers in the field of nutrition

 and mental health in European countries published what indicates the direct impact of a healthy diet on mood and cognition.

The best foods to improve mood and psychological state

Dr. Mona explained that the foods that contribute to improving the mood are diverse, but the most important thing is to employ them

 with the nature of the body and its health condition under the supervision of the specialized nutritionist. Psychology and nothing else.

As for the best foods to improve mood and mental state in general, they are

Types of fatty fish that contain a high percentage of omega-3 acids, improve mood and psychological state as they stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness "serotonin and dopamine."

Legumes, nuts, eggs, contribute to the balance of the hormone serotonin in the body, in addition to that tryptophan is important for the individual for normal sleep and wakefulness.

Dark vegetables, especially spinach and broccoli, are among the foods that contribute to improving mood and psychological well-being, as they are rich in folic acid, which prevents sleep disturbance and depression.

Finally, psychological and nutritional studies are still revealing new information about the relationship between a healthy diet and

 improving mood and psychological state naturally without resorting to medications as much as possible.


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