The best exercises to burn fat without the need for equipment

 The best exercises to burn fat without the need for equipment

Some believe that the process of losing weight can only be successful if we go to the gym or the gym and exercise using the tools in it, or

 even commit to a sports coach to help us choose the equipment that is appropriate for our bodies and our need to lose weight.

But many nutrition experts and sports coaches consider that the process of losing weight and slimming can always occur without the need for these physical and psychological obligations, especially

 since some of those who register in sports clubs may not go to them most of the time, and some stop attending them after a period of registration because there is no catalyst;

These experts confirm that there are many and varied "exercises" that can be used, with the aim of losing excess weight without any additional cost.

Cardio exercises to lose weight

Al quoted Eat This Not That as saying that cardio is one of the physical activities that contribute significantly to losing weight, provided that it is done on a regular basis.

Cardio exercises are cardio exercises and rely on moving the body in a strong way that leads to an acceleration of the heartbeat and rapid breathing in order to help the body obtain a greater amount of

 oxygen. In this process, the body burns calories accumulated in it and increases human endurance. 

The best advantage of cardio exercises is that they are available most of the time and you don't need expensive equipment or the need to sign up for a gym or someone to buy equipment for at home.

According to a report published by the foreign website specialized in health affairs, cardio exercises can be easily performed according to a person's weight. There are 4 cardio exercises that can help you lose weight and slim the body:

Brisk walking: One of the most desirable physical activities that can be practiced at any time and time.

 Experts advise those who are not accustomed to doing cardio exercises to walk at a fast pace in a wide or open area such as a

 public park, provided that they regularly practice the brisk walk for a period of not less than 30 minutes at a time.

Running: or jogging, and it comes in second place among the most effective cardio exercises for weight loss. Running helps not only burn fat and calories, but also improve physical fitness and increase endurance.

You can start by jogging for a short distance at first, then walking for a while to catch a breath, and then running again. As your physical level improves, you can focus on improving your speed and distance each week.

Bodyweight exercises: Excellent and effective for those who do not have enough time to exercise, or live in an area that does not help walking or running.

 It is possible to do exercises based on the weight of the human body for a period ranging between 30-45 minutes with setting the timer to

 do some exercises such as raising the knees high while keeping the torso in a straight position, and moving the knees up above the hip back and forth.

There is the back kick exercise, which is an exercise that relies on taking the hands out to the sides and starting by kicking the heels back towards the rear, and bending the hamstrings with each

 movement. It is also possible to practice the skipping exercise, which is based on taking one of the hands and the opposite knee and throwing them in a small jump, taking into account the return to the

 normal position slowly and calmly, then repeating the same movement with the other side of the body.

Dance: Dance lessons or free dance practice at home help lose weight and have fun. Jig is an effective way to burn the most calories and build muscle at the same time.

You can do any type of dance you like and the music will help you to keep doing the physical movements for a longer time. Also, you do not need to enroll in private dance lessons in specialized places, but you can do it by registering for private online classes.


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