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The best effective exercises to slim the waist and sides

 The best effective exercises to slim the waist and sides

If you are looking for the best effective exercises to slim the waist and sides, and get effective results, we put in your hands a wonderful program of 6 effective exercises that target the waist and sides area

 and maintain your fitness and slim body, especially since this area stores a lot of fat.

Revitalize your daily routine with these effective exercises to get a tight and attractive body.

 The exercises are quick and only need a few minutes of your time per day and you can repeat them as often as time allows you and

 wherever you are. All you need is the will to not neglect quick fixes to enjoy a slim body and a sculpted and slim waist.

The best effective exercises to slim the waist and sides

first exercise

Lie on your right or left side. Bring your feet together and place your upper hand behind your head and extend the other hand on the floor.

 Raise your feet together towards the ceiling and also raise your upper body at the same time and press them up and down. Do not forget to repeat the movement with the switch feet.

second exercise

Bend your feet 90 degrees in the air or on the ground as per your ability. Push the upper part forward while pulling the abdomen inward. Turn to the right and then left in succession, while maintaining the position of the feet.

The third exercise

Lie on your left or right side, lift your buttocks off the floor, lean on your elbow, and place your other arm on your waist. Bring your feet together as you're comfortable and push your waist and buttocks up and down without touching the floor.

Fourth exercise

Leave a lot of space between your feet, bend your knees slightly and hold one weight of the Dumbbell with both hands. Bend and lean your upper part to the right with your knees bent and take a position

 like the squat position and also move your hands and extend them in the same direction. In the next movement, raise your body and take a straight position, keeping the distance between your feet, then lean

 the upper part of the body to the opposite side, i.e. the left, and raise your hands in the air and extend them high in the air. Repeat the movements quickly on both sides.

 Fifth exercise

In this exercise, you can carry light weights in your hands if you wish. Stand straight and bend your upper body, pressing your buttocks to the right and then to the left in succession.

Sixth exercise

Lie on the floor and bring the feet together. Bend the knees 90 degrees and lift them in the air. Extend your arms to the sides and then bend with your feet bent only on each side, successively from right to left.


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