The amazing way to slim the face by following these rules of drinking water

The amazing way to slim the face by following these rules of drinking water

A slimming face is the dream of many women who want to appear with a flawless look. This dream can usually be achieved through cosmetic operations. But it is also recommended to resort to some

 natural and inexpensive tricks that can be done at home. Including the application of some masks and mixtures that contain easily accessible ingredients. But what many do not know is that the face can also be slimmed by following some special easy-to-apply rules to drink water daily. 

The reason for slimming the face by drinking water

The methods of slimming the face based on natural recipes are the most effective, easy and least expensive. That is why it is recommended to rely on water in order to get the best result.

 Drinking large quantities of it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, especially in the period between meals. It also stimulates the metabolism and increases it by at least 3%. This means that the body

 burns an additional amount of fat and indicates the possibility of losing weight and sculpting the body with slimming the face and full and swollen cheeks as well.

6 rules to slim the face by drinking water

Following specific rules for drinking water can help slim the face and reduce the fatness of the cheeks in an easy, simple and very fast way. It is known that the body needs at least two liters or 8 cups of it

 daily. But to get the best result, that is, to add softness and more attractiveness to the features of the face, it is necessary to adhere to a certain method of drinking water in specific quantities and dates.

    1 Always drink between one and two glasses of water 20-30 minutes before the time of each of the three main meals. This not only prevents eating a large amount of food and reduces the feeling

 of hunger, but also enhances the digestion process and prevents disturbances in the digestive system because water dissolves the digestive juices. It is best not to drink water while eating, because

 this causes the stomach to expand and leads to eating a large amount of food during those meals. This means the accumulation of fat in the face area as well.

    2 You should not drink cold water because it prevents the dissolving of fat, including face and chin fat that is consumed through food. In this case, these fats collect in the blood vessels and enhance the possibility of heart disease and other serious health problems.

    3 It is also preferable to drink pure pure water and not herbal extracts, tea, coffee, juice, drinks or any other liquid.

    4 It is necessary that the commitment to the application of drinking water should coincide with regular exercise and the adoption of a healthy diet. In this case, it is possible to lose weight and slim the face as well.

    5 It is also useful to practice some exercises that help tighten the muscles of the face and change its shape. In this case, it is recommended to make easy movements such as opening the mouth

 in the way that is followed in the dentist’s office, smiling frequently, and raising the cheeks towards the eyes with both hands, while maintaining each position for a period of not less than 10 seconds. It

 is also possible to take advantage of the two movements of inflating the face and returning it to its natural shape several times in succession.

    6 In order to slim the face, it is also recommended to resort to a gentle massage. This can be done with the fingers and in circular motions. 


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