Successful weight loss tips

 Successful weight loss tips

The success of the weight loss process depends on the lifestyle and habits followed, which differ from one person to another, and one must make permanent changes in the lifestyle and healthy habits.

In this context, Ms. Cynthia Bou Khalil, Nutrition Consultant at Orion Technology, offers us 7 tips to lose weight successfully and achieve the dream of fitness that we all dream of.

Successful weight loss tips

Cynthia's multiplicity of tips that can be adhered to to achieve effective weight loss, which are the following:

• Not to do the issue of losing weight on your own, but to search for a support team, communicate with those around you, and share your achievements with family and friends to help you reach your goals.

• Be clear about your goals so that you can achieve them. You must first learn how to set and define goals, whether they are short or

 long-term, provided that they are realistic goals with simple and possible steps to reach success in losing weight.

• Change your habits and get rid of certain habits by repeating a certain procedure several times, and with time you will succeed in

 creating healthy habits such as asking for a side salad permanently when eating out so that you can reduce the amount of food.

• Advance planning is an essential part of staying on track. You can choose to do this every day or every week by planning the meals you will eat, work times, timings, budget, and more.

• Track your progress and food choices and assess activity levels, weight and body fat, frequently by measuring your weight and body fat to keep you always on track.

• Add more physical activity to burn additional calories without excessive exercise. Walking for 20 minutes a day can help you burn up to 100 extra calories.

• If you have tried to follow a healthy diet with a physical training program, and have not been able to lose weight, you can consult your doctor and resort to surgical options to ensure your weight loss is

 safe and healthy. Including the gastric balloon for weight loss that does not require endoscopy, nor does it require anesthesia to insert or

 remove it. The Elipse-programmed capsule is swallowed with a little water, and then filled with a liquid within 20 minutes in a specialist doctor's office.

The balloon has been designed to help people with a body mass index equal to or greater than 27 kg/m2, which gives a permanent feeling of satiety, and thus makes them eat less.

Cynthia points out that an average of 10-15 kg can be lost during the 16 weeks of balloon placement that the balloon is in the stomach.

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