Strange and effective tricks to lose weight without diet

 Strange and effective tricks to lose weight without diet

The relationship of women with their weight is a very complex relationship, as neither being thin nor normal weight satisfies them, and of course the extra weight will turn their lives into hell. It is true

 that there is a category that suffers from obesity or thinness that negatively affects health and may even be life-threatening, but even this category and if it succeeds in reaching the desired weight, it is rarely satisfied with it, even if it is ideal.

There are countless diets, and many exercises.. On the other hand, there are strange techniques that have proven effective and are not related to either diets or exercise.


If you are one of those who are looking for easy methods or from the category that has suffered with failed diets, we offer you some alternative solutions.


Smell the fruits and vegetables

Yes, it may seem like a very crazy technique, but it is effective. In an experiment conducted at the Center for Research on Taste and Smell in Chicago, it was found that the higher the rate at which foods

 smelled, the less hungry they felt. This technique is based on the principle of tricking the brain, the smell can make the brain think that you are actually eating. The women who participated in this

 experiment lost 13 kg by smelling the foods overall. It is recommended to smell a lot of apples, bananas and mint because their effect is stronger than others.


Breakfast is more than dinner

Women usually have enough food for breakfast, and some of them do not even eat breakfast. To lose weight, the amount of food eaten during breakfast should be much greater than at dinner. In a recent

 study, it was found that obese women were able to lose 8 kg within a few months by consuming 700 calories in the morning, 500 during lunch and 200 calories at dinner.

Band around the abdomen and stomach area

This trick comes from France and is strange and out of the ordinary, but it is based on the principle of reminding yourself of the need to stop eating. French women tie their waists with a scarf or a tape

 before eating, and when the stomach begins to swell during eating, the pressure of the tape on the body reminds the woman of the need to be satisfied with what she ate.


Eat in front of the mirror

One study showed that eating in front of a mirror reduced women's food intake by nearly a third. Apparently being able to see yourself while eating makes you more alert about the amounts you consume.

candy coated

If you are one of those who love sweets, you should choose the packaged types, as it turns out that the amount of candy a person eats decreases by 30% if he has to experience the trouble of opening and

 eating it. So next time, choose sweets that are packaged in an annoying and complicated way to reduce your large consumption of them.

Vanilla scented candles

Every time you feel like a sweet tooth, light a vanilla scented candle. In a strange study, it was found that this smell can eliminate the desire to eat sweets, as for those who put scented patches with vanilla, they were able to lose 3 kg in a very short period.

the colour blue

Restaurants do not adopt the color blue for the main reason that this color suppresses the appetite. Studies have shown that the rate of food consumption decreases by 33% in the blue rooms. So you can

 make the dining room light blue or use blue dishes. I like red, yellow and orange because they are the colors that open the appetite.


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