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Steps to get fewer calories

Steps to get fewer calories

You won't believe how many obvious ways to burn calories. But it is easy to miss these opportunities if you do not look for them. Research has shown that replacing any lazy habits, like watching TV, with something that doesn't involve sitting, can make a big

 difference. Most people don't realize that a little extra effort can lead to great results. Here, experts explain how to take advantage of every opportunity to exercise your muscles, increase your heart rate, and eat foods that fill you with the fewest calories.

1- Walk and talk

Don't sit down while you're talking on the phone. Put a headset on at work so you can walk while talking on the phone.

2- Switch sides

Whether you're carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders or your baby on your hips, switch sides every five minutes to work more muscles.


3- Listen to fast-paced songs

The fast pace forces you to keep up with its movement, especially when walking or climbing stairs.

4- Cook your food

Home-cooked food is healthier, and by the time you're done making the meal, eating it, and cleaning the dishes, you'll have added half an hour more to your move than if you were waiting for the food to arrive.

5- Go to dinner with your husband

Women tend to order dishes that contain fewer calories when they eat with their husbands, compared to when they eat with a woman.


6- Avoid eating lunch at your desk

Better have a quick meal, then go for a walk.

7- Always take a snack with you

Try nuts, or a piece of fruit, for example. Eating more often keeps your metabolism going and makes you less likely to run to the nearest fast food restaurant.

8- Wear high heels

Every few days, put on your highest heels. It helps strengthen your muscles because it works different muscles in your calf and thighs.


9- Relax

Stress and tension lead to the secretion of cortisol in the body, which leads to storing more calories as fat, especially in the abdominal area.


10. Watch less TV

Adults who cut their TV viewing time in half not only burned 119 extra calories per day, but did so without changing their diet.

11- Lift your body

Lift your body on the balls of your feet (the bones under the toes) and then lower your body again.

12- Drink a few cups of strong green tea daily

In addition to caffeine, green tea contains catechins polyphenols, which are plant chemicals that may also boost metabolism, according to a study by the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

13- Eat spices

Some studies have shown that spicy foods may temporarily increase metabolism. Try red pepper flakes on a salad.


14- Move your legs a little bit

If you are sitting on a bench, try doing some knee raises, as if you were walking in place.

15- Eat salmon

In one study, those who ate salmon lost more weight than those who ate beef, even though the two groups consumed the same number of calories.

16- Take nutritional supplements

A study showed that people who took a supplement containing glutamine after meals burned 20 more calories than those who took a placebo containing none.

17- All peels

The body needs more energy to digest high-fiber foods, such as the peels of fruits and vegetables.

18- Intimacy

Couples burn an average of 300 calories per hour, during intercourse.

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19- Choose coconut

People who replaced oils and fats, such as animal fats and sunflower oil, with oils containing medium-chain fatty acids, such as coconut oil, lost more body fat.

20- Don't eat in the car

Experts say this makes you eat without paying attention to what you're eating, thus consuming more calories.

21- Wave your arms

The more parts of your body you use at the same time, the more calories you burn.

22- Do not drink during meals

Drinking sets the stage for overeating.

23- Stretch your body while cleaning

When cleaning the kitchen table, stretch your body, using both hands, and make large circular motions.

24- Buy biscuits

Foods rich in fiber and poor in starch have a coating on the lining of the intestine that prevents the absorption of other calories.

25- Focus on your legs

If you only have a few minutes to do muscle-strengthening exercises, practice strengthening the muscles of the thighs (knee bending). Once you strengthen your thighs, you will feel able to increase your exercise. 


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