Steps to be taken before exercising.. to avoid injuries

 Steps to be taken before exercising.. to avoid injuries

Exercising is important and essential in daily life, as it stimulates blood circulation and improves physical health, as well as many

 health benefits, but many people may experience bruising or sudden muscle strain, so some steps must be taken before performing Exercising to avoid these recurring problems.

Tips to avoid injuries while exercising

Ahmed Abdel-Khaleq, a football and fitness coach, said during his interview with "Henn" that there are some steps that must be taken

 into account and taken before performing sports, in order to avoid feeling tired and suffering from muscle spasms, and these steps are:

1- Get a good rest

A person must get enough good sleep before performing sports, preferably up to 8 hours a day, so that the muscles of the body can get rest, and not be exposed to injuries during exercise times.

2- Drinking water

Eating plenty of water throughout the day is important and essential that should not be overlooked, as it helps in improving the work of the muscles and joints of the body, as well as hydrating the body well.

3- Perform stretching exercises

Stretching prevents injuries, tears, and long-term injuries.

4- healthy food

Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential and important for strengthening muscles and avoiding fatigue that may result from exercise.

5- Avoid stress

Exercising does not mean exaggerated efforts, so that the body does not experience stress.

6- Wear comfortable clothes

It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes, such as jackets and shoes, to avoid feeling tired.

While Maryam Hamdi, a nutrition expert, explains that it is necessary to undergo warm-ups before performing any sports

 exercises, because they help prepare the body well for the exercise of those efforts, as well as increase blood flow to the muscles, and thus reduce the risk of injury.

Cooling down after exercise also allows cooling, in regulating blood flow, and reducing muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise.


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