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Sports to reshape the body

Sports to reshape the body

Fighting cellulite, getting rid of fat, and sculpting the body require a minimum of effort. After changing the diet and doing machine therapy, you should start exercising. Here is an overview of the recommended sports.

1- Water aerobics exercises

Water sports use the resistance of the water to make the most of the movements, while making them easier to perform. It is a deep vascular water exercises, very effective in the case of water cellulite.

What are its positives?

It is recommended that you do 40 minutes of consistent exercise at least twice a week.

The result

Powerful drainage that enhances muscle agility, reshapes the body and improves fitness.

2- Power Plate

Before starting Power Plate sessions, examinations should be carried out by the attending physician to verify that there is no objection to practicing this very specific sport.

What is the?

It is a flat vibrator that causes muscles to contract up to 60 times in a few minutes. Depending on the position chosen, different muscle groups are stimulated.


Two sessions per week under the supervision of a coach.

What are its positives?

Using this flat vibrating device, we get in 10 minutes the same results that we get when exercising for an hour and a half, with less fatigue and less sweating; In addition to a 97% muscle stimulation capacity, compared to 30% for traditional exercise.


What result can be expected?

The device works directly to strengthen muscles, slim, tighten and reduce cellulite. The body is sculpted from the first sessions, where the results appear immediately.

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3- Swimming

Swimming is easy, even in cities, and it is effective on all types of cellulite. What matters in this regard is perseverance, regularity and the duration of swimming (at least 20 minutes per session). If your

 trainer advises you to start gently at first, don't hesitate to buy some important accessories, such as fins or a cork board to focus your exercises on the upper or lower body. You can use the coach to vary the exercises and the way to swim. 

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