Simple home exercises to sculpt the abdomen in record time

 Simple home exercises to sculpt the abdomen in record time

The rumen is one of the things that a woman suffers the most, and it causes her great embarrassment, and makes her not wear the clothes she desires, and resort to wide clothes; So that the abdomen does not

 appear, and it is known that the abdomen and buttocks are among the areas that store fat most, and there is only one solution to get rid of this problem, which is to do special exercises to tighten the abdomen and reduce the rumen; Addition to a healthy and easy diet.

Here, dear, is a set of home exercises that rid you of the rumen

foot touch exercise

To tighten the muscles on the upper and side of the abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor and raise your leg to a ninety-degree angle.

Or you can lie on the floor with your foot raised against a wall.

Try to touch the left ankle with the right hand and then reverse the ends.

Do the training twenty to thirty times, taking a break after each time.

Leg lift exercise

This exercise works to tighten and sculpt the lower abdominal muscles, which are the largest place for fat accumulation in the body at all.

Lie on the floor and clasp your hands behind your head.

Raise your legs together in a bent manner so that the joints of the legs are close to the chest or straight up to a 90-degree angle.

Do this exercise 15: 30 times according to the ability and desire in three groups, separated by a break between each group.

Legs chair exercise

It works to reduce the rumen and tighten the abdomen; especially the lower abdominal muscles; So this exercise is one of the best belly sculpting exercises ever.

Put your hands on a stand, then straighten your body and raise your legs in a bent shape to come close to the chest or straight for more difficulty.

The exercise is performed according to ability from 15 to 30 times in three groups, separated by simple breaks.

bike workout

This exercise works to tighten the upper abdominal muscles, and build the side abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor, and alternate in the air, as if you were riding a bicycle, with your hands intertwined behind your head and the knuckle of your right hand touching the knuckle of your left leg simultaneously with the switch and vice versa.

Do the exercise at a medium speed for a minute, then take a break for a few seconds, and complete three rounds of exercise.

push up

It works to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks

Lie on your stomach

Raise hands and feet.

Lift the body and go down more than once.

You can raise your right hand with your left foot and hold for several minutes, then do the opposite of the limbs.

Repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times.

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