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Simple exercises to get rid of armpit fat in women

Simple exercises to get rid of armpit fat in women

Simple exercises to get rid of armpit fat in women, where many women suffer from the accumulation of fat in the armpits and the

 resulting sagging, and therefore we enjoy wearing what we want from clothes, and we often lose confidence in our appearance.

If you want to get rid of armpit fat, you can resort to some simple exercises to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the upper part of

 the arms and the area around the armpit through specific exercises, because it may be difficult to target those fats without following an integrated and healthy sports and nutritional program.

Simple exercises to get rid of armpit fat in women

first exercise

Lift the body completely up and parallel to the floor, then slowly lower towards the floor. Keep your back and legs straight and repeat the exercise 15 times.

second exercise

Kneel on your knees and place your palms on the mat, slowly arching your back until the position resembles the shape of a cat

 sitting. Lift your chest up away from your stomach and exhale, then gently contract the abdomen and lower the chest to rest against the thighs. Repeat the method at least 10 times.

The third exercise

Carry your entire body weight on the heels of your feet and rest on the palms of your hands. Lift your buttocks up and lower toward the floor, placing your head between your outstretched hands.

Fourth exercise

Bend the feet together on the floor, carry the weights between your hands and bend your elbows and bring them back as in the picture, then with all your strength raise them again in the air straight.

Fifth exercise

We are used to doing this exercise in a standing position, but why not try it while sitting on the floor, extending your feet in front of you or bending them on the ground. 

Hold dumbbells in your hands, arms extended close to your body, and elbows bent as you raise the weights toward your shoulders.

Sixth exercise

Put your hands behind you on the bench, bend the legs and rest on the heels of the feet, then press down and gradually descend until the butt is close to the ground while maintaining the position of the hands.

Seventh exercise

Lie on your back and hold a dumbbell. Put it over your shoulder next to your head. Bend at the elbow so that your arm is at 90 degrees with your elbow pointing at the ceiling. Extend the dumbbell with your hand toward the ceiling until your arm is straight. 


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