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She only ate a ripe banana in 3 days and what happened to her will surprise you!

 She only ate a ripe banana in 3 days and what happened to her will surprise you!

Of course, bananas are one of the most consumed foods in the world. It is rich in fiber and does not contain a high percentage of calories.

 So, it naturally becomes the favorite fruit for many women who want to keep in shape. Find out, then, how sports coach and nutritionist, Julia Tarbath, was able to benefit from it.

This woman followed a banana-based diet, drank plenty of water, exercised and rested, which helped her cleanse her body of toxins and lose her extra weight naturally.

After completing this system, Yulia felt a lot of relief and began to enjoy intellectual clarity, psychological calm, and physical and moral balance. And she was performing her daily tasks to the fullest. The

 banana diet enhanced her digestion and relieved her of all feelings of pain and discomfort. It was called "Banana Island". What does this mean?

Banana Island Diet... what is it?

This diet requires you to abide by these instructions:

To eat only ripe bananas throughout the day and for 3 days only. And you can add to your third meal a kind of green vegetables such as lettuce.

-Drink 3 liters of water daily.

- Do exercise regularly.

Take a break whenever you feel tired.

Amazing benefits

You know very well that bananas contain a high percentage of potassium and that it contributes to ridding your body of toxins and strengthening your muscles. You also know that it has many other properties:

It helps you lose excess weight and contributes to reducing your feeling of hunger because it contains pectin.

It gives you the energy you need during the day because it contains carbohydrates.

Each 100g of banana contains only 89 calories.

Banana is a fruit rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

This banana diet helps you lose weight permanently and follow healthy eating habits that depend on consuming vegetables and fruits. It also contributes to improving the quality of your sleep.


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