Sagging buttocks.. Effective exercises and tighten them within a week

Sagging buttocks.. Effective exercises and tighten them within a week

The tight butt has become one of the signs of femininity, Arab and international stars compete to get it just as they compete to appear with a flat stomach.

The average woman may notice a change in the shape of the buttocks and the strength of her muscles over the years, and this is a real note, due to the fact that the muscles of the body in general weaken with

 lack of exercise, while the muscles of the back are particularly affected by sitting for long periods, as this position prevents blood flow to the muscles of the back Then it weakens and may atrophy to change the shape of the buttocks and become flabby.

Experts advised that you should get up from the chair and move for only 30 seconds every 15 minutes if possible, so that blood flows to the muscles of the buttocks to protect them from sagging.

Butt tightening exercises in a week

The most important step to restore the strength of the buttock muscles is to do exercises that focus on these muscles, especially as they are easily affected, and exercises for the butt do not require going to the gym, but can be practiced easily at home for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Squats . exercise

It is one of the strongest exercises that affect the muscles of the lower part in general, whether the back or the thighs. It is recommended to practice squats or squats 3 groups, each group consisting of 10 times a day, and the method of squatting can be changed in each group, or relying on one method.

bridge exercise

This exercise focuses on the muscles of the buttocks, the results of which appear quickly after the first week of exercise. It depends on lying on the ground with the buttocks raised off the ground and the legs pulled up alternately. It is preferable to practice it after squatting and in the same number of sets.

Specialists advise warming up the body before doing these exercises, and then eating a nutritious meal rich in protein and fiber after completing them to get the best results in a short period. 


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