Sagging arms..cause and treatment

 Sagging arms..cause and treatment

Sagging is not only a problem for women, but it is a source of concern, confusion and confusion, especially for those who suffer from it in her arms, so choosing clothes is not an easy matter, subject

 to several criteria, the most important of which is wearing long-sleeved fashion to hide these flabbiness that usually affects women after the age of forty or Before that as a result of losing a lot of

 weight and suddenly. Dealing with this problem is not difficult, as there are several ways to do so, but before addressing the treatment, it is necessary to know the causes first:

Causes of sagging arms

1- Weight disparity means rapid weight gain or loss.

2- Rapid weight loss after a harsh diet or as a result of a stomach reduction or tightening operation.

3- It could be a genetic problem.

Methods for treating sagging arms

1- Make sure to exercise on a daily basis to get a perfect and graceful body, with a focus on lifting light weights and aerobics.

2-Drink a large amount of water daily, approximately 8 cups, because water prevents flabbiness and tightens the skin.

3- Avoid exposing your arms to the sun, especially at noon.

4- Use skin-tightening creams and products that contain active and natural ingredients.

5- Follow a healthy diet. Reduce the intake of meals that contain high calories such as carbohydrates and replace them with proteins that help provide the body with the elements it needs.

6- You can use natural mixtures to help tighten the skin in a short period, such as coconut oil and almond oil.

Tips to avoid sagging arms

1- Using suitable compression corsets for the arms for a month when you have liposuction.

2- Maintain your normal weight, and if you gain some of it, reduce it, but gradually.

3- Doing exercise, it contributes to strengthening the muscles of the arms.

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