Safe exercise.. during your period

 Safe exercise.. during your period

The news may be upsetting to those who seek excuses for not exercising: there is no real reason why you should not exercise, even during your period!

Gynecologist and professor at North Western University, Dr. Lauren Stryker, says that "hormonal changes and menstruation require more effort to exercise, but this does not cause any harm to the body, with

 the exception of those who feel menstrual pain and some cramps, they cannot exercise in these The period, while the majority do not feel any accompanying changes. Which means that the answer about

 the possibility of exercising during the menstrual cycle comes to you from the nature of your body and its reaction to excessive movement.

If you set a goal, which is to reduce your weight at the end of each month, stopping sports for a whole week will delay your reaching the desired weight. In the event that the menstruation is strong, we

 advise you to stay away from exercises that require jumping and violent physical movement, such as kickfit, body combat, Zumba, long distance running and other strenuous fat burning sports. The

 sports we recommend are: yoga, walking, cycling for a moderate distance, carrying light weights, and swimming that relieves menstrual pain (use tampons).

If you do home sports, include in your daily program some exercises that require you to lie on your stomach, such as planks, which will

 help you get rid of pain in the lower abdomen. Also, placing a hot water bottle for a quarter of an hour on the abdomen, before going to the gym, gives you greater comfort.

Another effective tip remains: Drink more water during your period, especially if your menstruation is heavy and you lose a lot of fluids with it, which can make you dizzy, if you stand up quickly during exercise.


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