Reveal the secrets of health, calculate the date of birth

 Reveal the secrets of health, calculate the date of birth

Health secrets can be revealed first by undergoing the necessary medical examinations and consulting specialists. It is also possible to use for the same purpose some methods that can help to discover the

 possibilities of suffering from some diseases. Among these methods is the science of numbers and the calculation of the date of birth, which enables to identify some of the secrets and secrets of health and how to treat the problems associated with it.

Calculating the date of birth to reveal the secrets of health

Some health secrets can be known by calculating the date of birth by day, month and year. This is done by adding the numbers associated with it. For example, if it was June 12, 1973, this arithmetic operation must be done 12 + 6 + 1973 = 1991. 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 20. 2 + 0 = 2.

After obtaining the result, it is possible to identify the diseases that can be suffered and how to avoid it.

number 1

It is necessary to pay attention to the signals sent by the body, which may indicate the beginning of some health problems. It is important

 to enjoy vitality because this reflects positively on health. And the causes of stress that may cause permanent diseases should be avoided with exercise.

number 2

This number means that it is necessary to rest, meditate and relax from time to time, while eating foods that help strengthen the

 immune system. In the next stage, it may be affected by some external factors, which means diseases such as severe cold and others.

Number 3

Optimism should be enjoyed as much as possible to prevent suffering from depression and its negative repercussions on health. It

 is also necessary not to exaggerate in eating unhealthy foods, especially during occasions, because this may cause suffering from digestive problems in addition to weight gain.

Number 4

This number means suffering from fatigue due to work. Therefore, it is necessary to rest sometimes in order to get rid of some aches, especially those that affect the back and head, and to prevent

 suffering from neck pain and vision problems.

 Number 5

One of the health secrets revealed by this number is that the work of some organs, such as the stomach, is affected by the rapid feeling of

 anger. Therefore, you must try to control the emotions and make sure to exercise. This also prevents suffering from stress-related diseases such as eczema.

Number 6

It is necessary to take care of eating daily meals regularly, choosing healthy foods, and exercising 3 times a week. This may prevent some diseases such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and migraine headaches.

Number 7

This number reveals the enjoyment of a state of stability, comfort and calm on a healthy level. It also indicates the scarcity of suffering from diseases. Despite this, it is recommended to maintain a

 balanced lifestyle while giving up as much as possible bad habits such as eating late in the evening and consuming fats and sugars.

Number 8

It is important not to overdo your exercise as this can cause your body to lose all the energy it needs. Also, attention should be paid not to straining the eyes while working in order not to suffer from a possible weakness in vision.

Number 9

According to this result obtained by calculating the date of birth, it is necessary to integrate into society and not tend to loneliness most of the time. This prevents the impact of negative emotions, especially

 depression, on physical health. Among the health secrets revealed by this number is also the possibility of suffering from a disease linked to a genetic factor.

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