Resistance rope exercises "Body Action" ensure you an amazing body

 Resistance rope exercises "Body Action" ensure you an amazing body

Resistance rope exercises are among the exercises, which are easy for beginners of both sexes to practice to take advantage of them in tightening the muscles of the body, and increasing the rate of

 resistance, as they only need a small empty distance at one end of the house, in addition to the cheap price of the rope, without having to buy devices Big sport, expensive.

First, what is a resistance rope?

Resistance rope or bungee cord, is a flexible rubber cord that comes in many shapes and often ends with a handle on the ends to make it easier for us to hold and use. And what distinguishes it most is that it

 comes with several forces, and we often distinguish its strength according to its color. It is one of the old sports equipment, which is used in rehabilitation exercises, physiotherapy and flexibility exercises, and gained popularity afterwards for use in homes.

Reasons to buy it:

Its price is very cheap compared to the weights.

It does not take up much space in storage, you can put it anywhere.

Lightweight, easy to carry, and travel friendly.

It comes in several strengths, light, medium and strong.

Able to work any muscle in your body.

Easy and effective and moves the body harmoniously.

A good alternative to weights, and it can be combined with free weights to achieve excellent results.

A variety of exercises can be given, and a greater effect by hanging it on the door, door handle, or any fixed pole in the house to simulate the gym equipment.

The muscle exercises contraction and relaxation.

The risk of injuries is less than normal dumbbells, especially for beginners.

The color symbolizes the strength of the rope:

The color is often a symbol of strength, of course the colors vary according to the brand of the product.

Yellow color: light resistance, a large percentage of elasticity used for muscles such as the shoulder and leg muscles; Because it does not require much resistance.

Green color: medium resistance, used for muscles such as the biceps and triceps.

Red color: medium to intense resistance, suitable for large muscles such as chest and back muscles, or for a full-body workout.

Mostly, the strength varies according to the thickness of the rubber. The greater the thickness, the greater the resistance and strength.

Disadvantages of resistance rope:

It is difficult to find a fixed fulcrum to which the rope can be attached, but some brands have avoided this problem by providing

 special handles for them, but their price is more expensive than normal. And if it is hung in the wrong position, you will surely get a "respectful sting".

Finally, where do we buy the resistance rope?

Available in all sports stores, and the price is cheap, the price of one does not exceed 90 riyals

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