Resistance exercise schedule for girls at home

 Resistance exercise schedule for girls at home

A schedule of resistance exercises for girls at home can help sculpt the body and melt the fat that accumulates in different areas of it. It is possible to practice these exercises 3 times a week. It is very easy and helps to get the best results. This is a girls' home resistance exercise schedule for 4 weeks.

Resistance exercises at home

It is important to follow a resistance exercise schedule at home. This helps to get rid of the excess fat that accumulates in different parts of the body, knowing that it is easy to apply in a short period of time.

buttock bridge exercise

1 In this case, lie on the back with the hands aligned with the body.

2 The knees are folded with the feet flat on the ground.

3 Lift the buttocks off the ground while keeping the back straight and the feet are supported.

4 You must maintain this position as much as possible, then restore the starting position and repeat the exercise as many times as possible.

Resistance exercise with weights

1 You should stand upright and carry weights with your hands.

2 Bend forward from the waist while maintaining a straight back and legs position.

3 The upper part of the body should be parallel to the ground.

4 The arms are extended down while carrying weights.

5 The weights are moved up to the sides and then down several times.

6 The basic position is restored and then the exercise is repeated several times. 

Arm exercise with weights

1 Stand in front of a chair.

2 The right knee is placed on the chair and the right hand on the cushion.

3 In this case, weights should be carried with the left hand, taking care to maintain a straight back position.

4 The weights are pulled towards the chest and then returned to the original position. This process must be repeated several times.

5 After this, the exercise is repeated in the opposite direction, i.e. with the left knee on the chair and the left hand on the cushion, and weights are carried with the right hand. This exercise can be practiced without a chair.

shoulder exercise

1 Stretch on the back on the floor straight while carrying weights.

2 The arms should be extended upwards towards the head.

3 After this, one of the arms should be lowered until the hand touches the ground before returning it to the initial position.

4 Finally, the other arm is lowered in the same way. It is useful to repeat the same exercise several times.

arm stand exercise

1 In order to do this exercise, weights must be used.

2 Stand straight with weights lifted by the hands.

3 The arms are extended down in front of the body with the weights resting on the thighs.

4 After this, the weights are moved upwards while keeping them attached to the body until they reach the chin.

5 Pause for a few seconds at the chin before lowering it and then repeat the same process several times.

 It is possible to apply a schedule of resistance exercises for girls at home daily or at least 3 times a week in order to benefit from it as much as possible in sculpting the body, burning fat and regaining

 fitness. But it is important that its exercise coincides with abstaining from eating foods that contain harmful fats and sugars.


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